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Root Canal Therapy

Trauma Repair

Below is more information about fractured teeth

Common problem
It is very common for a child to break a front tooth. We can beautifully restore the tooth to almost new condition with bonding.

The procedure
We first examine the tooth to make sure it is healthy and then, take X-rays to assess the health of the tooth’s root.

To prepare a tooth for bonding, we clean off any plaque and tartar so the tooth surface is smooth.

The tooth needs to be kept dry during the procedure, so we may isolate it with a rubber dam.

Next, we apply a conditioning gel to help the bonding agent adhere to the tooth and then, place a resin that matches the color of your child’s tooth. Following that, we use a safe, high-intensity light to harden the resin.

We may need to place resin several times to achieve the proper thickness. Once all layers have been placed, we sculpt them to the desired shape.

We check the bite to make sure the tooth functions properly. When we are done, we polish the resin to a smooth and beautiful finish. This procedure takes only one visit, and the bonding material should last between three and seven years.

Warning signs
In the weeks following the break, if you see signs of:
tooth discoloration,
pain, especially with sensitivity to cold,
any new swelling,
gum boils next to the tooth or
changes in your child’s eating or sleeping habits, call us right away.

A broken front tooth can be traumatic for both parent and child, but bonding can quickly restore that beautiful smile.